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At Peerless Thermal Imaging Solutions, we offer a wide variety of thermal imaging, infrared imaging services of the highest professional quality at very competitive prices. We are all certified professional thermogrophers, industry trained and certified in the specific services offered.

Illinois Electrical Predictive Maintenance (EPM)

By far, the most popular and widely used application of infrared thermography is electrical components testing. The widespread popularity among building owners is due to the fact that studies have shown that for every $1 spent on electrical preventative maintenance there is at least a $4 return on their investment because of the savings in downtime and premature equipment replacement. EPM is an invaluable tool in any P/PM, because it saves money!! Read more

Illinois Thermal Roofscan

Traditionally roof leaks, especially in commercial and industrial buildings, have been very difficult locate and repair. In many instances, random roof patching has become the norm in an attempt to prevent  further damage due to moisture intrusion. The obvious problem with this practice is that it is virtually impossible to know where the moisture damage has occurred and how extensive it may be. Utilizing infrared cameras and moisture detecting meters, we can locate and identify areas of trapped moisture so that they can be surgically repaired. Read more

Illinois Equine Thermal Imagery

Equine Infrared Thermal Imaging

Equine thermal imaging is a safe, fast and inexpensive way that can greatly attribute to the performance and overall health of your horse. Working in tandem with equine veterinarians specifically trained in evaluating and interpreting thermal images, injuries that previously went undiagnosed or categorized as “mystery lameness” can in many instances can be detected¬† and then properly treated. Thermal imaging is unparalleled for detecting soft tissue/nerve issues, which can be detected up to 2 weeks before lameness sets in.
Read more

Illinois Building - Commercial or Residential Thermal Imagery

Moisture intrusion can literally destroy a buildings structural integrity and can become a breeding ground for potentially dangerous molds and mildew. At Peerless Thermal Imaging Solutions, utilizing sophisticated thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, we can locate and identify areas of moisture intrusion without the need to “open up” walls and ceilings. Read more


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