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Equine thermal imaging is a safe, fast and inexpensive way that can greatly attribute to the performance and overall health of your horse. Working in tandem with equine veterinarians specifically trained in evaluating and interpreting thermal images, injuries that previously went undiagnosed or categorized as “mystery lameness” can in many instances can be detected¬† and then properly treated. Thermal imaging is unparalleled for detecting soft tissue/nerve issues, which can be detected up to 2 weeks before lameness sets in.

Saddle Fit

A horse's saddle should fit correctly and have even bearing on the horse's back. A thermal review of the horse and the saddle can show when pressure points are unevenly distributed, therefore causing discomfort to the horse and the rider.


  • Non-Invasive, passive and completely safe, with no harmful radiation
  • Scans take 30 minutes to complete
  • Imaging is done at your location or your veterinary's location, so you don't have to transport horse
  • All reports are interpreted by equine veterinarians specializing in thermal imagery
  • Report contains thermal images and detailed veterinary findings
Left Side
Right Side, Fracture
Cannon Bone Fracture
Nerve Damage

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